We compete in the market

We cooperate in working with government

In 2018, we were companies minding our own business, competing with each other and responding to market demand. We made mobile homes (dwellings, storage units, work places, etc) in an industry where a number of companies offer similar prefabricated living and/or work spaces that remain on road-worthy wheels and axles. We relied on Section 8 of the Building Act, common law, court decisions (especially Thames-Coromandel v Te Puru) and MBIE determinations that clarified the boundary conditions.

This year, 2020, these companies are under threat by MBIE, MFE and NZTA radically changing the rules; threatening the very viability of our industry. They call it “slightly turning the dial”, but for our industry and the lower end of the socio-economic scale, this ministry-driven policy change has very real, very damaging and very immediate effects.

In response these competitors are reaching out to each other to find a single voice to put forth a set of standards appropriate for our industry that will serve our customers – many of whom are New Zealand’s most vulnerable.

We invite you to join us and to support our effort. To be clear, we have no political, ideological or religious affiliation or identity. We just want to mind our own business, which should be making mobile homes. But it has become an exercise in petitioning government to understand the adverse effects of its “dial-turning”, and to turn back the dial so we can get back to work.

We are part of the solution. We can fix it.