Hidden Homeless

Officially, there are 41,000 Hidden Homeless; people living in cars, tents, garages or overcrowded conditions. Post Covid-19, this probably will be much higher. 

One of the mysteries of life is why it is “de facto” OK for a family to live in a car, meaning the officials leave them alone, but when they have the opportunity to move into a mobile trailer home, the officials place innumerable barriers in their way.

The hidden homeless can be housed now in warm, dry, durable and affordable mobile trailer homes. There is plenty of land. Access to water, wastewater and power utilities are not a real obstacle. The only barrier standing in the way is intractable state and local government officials. There is something terribly wrong with government in New Zealand. It’s not evil or corrupt in a bribery way, it’s banally negligent with people who draw good salaries but spend their working hours making life more difficult.